Notarisation Certificate

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Congratulations! Your document has been notarised on the Ethereum blockchain and this is your certificate.

What now?

Bookmark this page. You can always come back to it. And you can use the verification section below to verify any document against the one notarised on this certificate.

Bookmark the Address link inside the certificate. It is the location on the blockchain of the smart contract with your Notarisation details. You will always be able to read those details, even if this site is no longer available. Read this to learn more about that.

And REMEMBER: If you change the document you notarised, your will change its digital fingerprint. So keep the document unaltered and safe so it can be used to validate against this notarisation certificate.

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Use this page to verify whether a document matches the one notarised on this certificate. To verify, drag and drop a file into the dropzone

Drop Zone ...
VERIFIED! The dropped document matches the one submitted to the blockchain
NOT VERIFIED! The dropped document does NOT match the one submitted to the blockchain